Sunday, April 12, 2015


                                         Natasha Shyrose rocking pink lipstick by Maybelline.

This weekend went too fast with wonderful weather. I took a challenge to try on my pink lipstick which was bought few weeks ago. While I was at Sunndal I dropped by Lindex and wanted something new and fresh. Finding orange colours, red and pink. I wanted to pick up the orange one but a lady working there after trying all she recommended me taking pink one. I hardly wear my lipstick on longer it always gets smashed up it only survives if Mr.Fireworks is not around. I am also not huge fan of lipstick! This colour feels strange but fresh. I will try it on for future use too. Weather was beautiful I wish it continues this way. I tried to put my great volume books (Cognitive Psychology) away for a while and focused more on weekend relaxation with family. That is my problem to relax I can not call what I do work because its so part of me. I breath my goals and live by them daily so I hardly have off! I am also good at meditating daily I try my best to just have moments of silence to connect with my create and just clear all thoughts. I do meditate and have wonderful experience through that. At times some thinks am arrogant when they try to stress me and I put them on #Ooommm modus! Yeah if you meditate you will know that give you focus to chill and let all go with the flow. The last thing I want to do is to stress it brings no positive results and change nothing. There is a lot I wish to write but I will keep for future articles. I am working on some few pieces of art that I will exhibit in end of this month at the Gallery Barbara at Sunndalsøra. After putting my accessories at the gallery and shop in Trondheim I had to take some free days to reflect on what I want to paint. At times ideas flows like a river and one has to catch them up and create a clear vision on what to focus on. I think I am somewhere there I need more painting boards to make the magic begin. Its spring I look forward to paint warm colours and make my art shine bright!

I wish you a great week it my meditation time....

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