Monday, April 27, 2015

Lisa Gerrard & Reflection

I love this artist Lisa Gerrard and composer her voice is super amazing. I just get lost into another dimension just by listening to her music. She is very special!

One of my favourite here is Adrift, Become, Of Love Undone and The Veil. I just love the entire album. I told you I do listen to all kind of music because my soul loves difference into everything. Similarity bores me big time because I enjoy changes it makes me feel alive by experiencing something new! Those who do not accept changes will never grow. The people who tend to tell you they are the same no matter what, are kind of people who have no idea how to change according to their environment or adjust themselves! How can they adapt new ways of living if they will never change because being the same is what is defined as being stable. Stability into personality when everything else around you is changing and you are still the same. Then one wonders why they get sick or depressed? Humans were created to grow parallel with their environment or experience. There is chance for growth because our even our genes are still decode according to our experiences. This means we can re-build, shape ourselves and transform us! As the matter of fact you were created to create you through experience. You can build yourself into any sort of being you wish to become! Live to learn, explore and create. Human being is indeed one of the most powerful creature working on planet earth unfortunately we are so busy on things that prevent full growth. We might neither never learn to develop ourselves if we all from one generation to another follow the same script as nursery-university. We should have school that allows us to grow according to our interests that we were meant to explore. I believe each of us have certain message, wisdom to be shared worldwide that can unlock certain things which takes us centuries and centuries to discover. Hopefully one day when human beings get tired of fighting and waste time on worthless things we can finally find our purpose. Also unlock those brain areas that we never use because they lack experience to expand the neurons! 

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