Wednesday, March 11, 2015


Why do these to different songs have same chorus? Mc Galaxy`s song was released in 2014 there is inspiration and copycat. Come on Bongo can do it better than pasting ideas from western africa. Get inspired with the rhythm but not using same melody! Even rhythm one can play with and give it a fresh sound.  Its about time perhaps to collaborate with songwrites! @Holla if you need one :)

When we started swahili pop we never copy and pasted we did it our way. Ask Clouds Fm they will tell you how we used to do it back into 2000, despite that I started singing in Bongo since 1996 that time when Unique Sisters, Balozi, Soggy Doggy Anter were on the game. Keep it up (Kiba) by presenting raw production. We started this game of Pop Tz that time Nigeria had Fela Kuti and not youth music. That means there is potential to create fresh stuff without pasting Bongo (Tusiige Mno Tushirikiane Kuunda Vitu Vipya). Unless it is one riddim ting as Jamaica does! They use one beat and challenge different artists to sing. If this is not Azonto type of song using same beat please do some research before you release a song. I wish you all the best into your newest single keep it original. I love the video promo though and his voice!

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