Saturday, March 28, 2015


Natasha Shyrose Music:

Hello There,

I would love to wish you happy Eastern Holiday with your loved ones. If you have no one around never feel lonely. Great news is that you got yourself. That is one thing most people do not realise how lucky they are to have themselves. You think Kanye West is crazy? One day the world will relealise he is genius anyway. Self love and awareness is greatest of them all because it motivates us to stand still. Its not all the time the people around us supports us or motivate us anyhow. When you realise the "Power Of Self" you will do wonders into your life. You will even gain respect of those around you that you stand for what you breath for. I am that kind of person as long as I got me I have everything I need. This world can be unfair sometimes and it might feel like you landed on the wrong side of universe. That is one of the reason you need to stand strong for yourself before you can serve others. Most need approval to accomplish their dreams or projects. If no one says anything positive they will stop. What about doing something for yourself. We need no approval for achieving greatness. Do things because you love to do not for applause. 

Well I will be in studio today recording a dancehall tune for summer. What is the song about? You know dancehall beats they are deep and hot. The song is going to be hot as the beat. Stay tuned this is the project for the Lambread Sound or Trondheim Reggae and Hiphop Massive. It is always greatest pleasure to collaborate with them pouring up reggae joints to make our reggae fans joyful! I love reggae festival in Trondheim the number of fans is enorm and they are greatest company to be around. They are there to enjoy the vibe and one of the best place to be. Everyone is dancing and having great time! Wishing you a great day! 
It is Sunny day in Norway!

Follow Up Reggae Event:

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