Saturday, March 28, 2015



One of the artists I loved to dance to in 80`s. I used to be into children dancing competition at jet club and won all the time. My dancing moves then were inspired by artists like Michael Jackson and Janet Jackson. Some of the parents hated that I won all the time they thought I was done a favour since they knew my folks.  Imagine as a child you hear people talking crap about you. You grew up not caring anymore by small talks. Janet Jackson and Michael Jackson have been my favourite artists ever since I discovered music and artist like Black Box of course made me wish to sing along and wished too myself to be an artist one day. By age of 12 I was done to sing other artists song I started changing the poems I wrote into songs. I recorded 8 songs while I was 12 at professional studio it was amazing experience. Don Bosco Upanga was one of the studio that was available to recording back into the days. If you ask all greatest artist found today in East Africa will tell you about Don Bosco studio in Dar-Es-Salaam. This song took memories away back into the days. The people I laughed with and loved and those I lost along the way. To be honest I found myself shading a tear. We loved music at my home and danced. Music was something that gave me so much joy into my childhood. Its something I  treasure big time because I breath music. It makes me alive!

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