Saturday, February 7, 2015


This weekend it started as my dream weekend with Exhibition at the Gallery Barbara at Sunndalsøra! First exhibition of february probably of the year 2015 ! I might have missed out if there was any other since I was at vacation at Nice, Monaco and Cannes just exploring French Riviera. I will share some of the photos for travel lovers so that you know what to explore at those particular places. I had great time with my family!

Per Rosenberg was the major artist at the Sunndal Gallery. His art is live with warm and strong colours. I loved the colours he used on his paintings it made his art work so alive and beautiful. We also enjoyed concert from Hayden Powell at the exhibition. I love visiting Galleries and enjoy art of all the kind, its inspiring and just fills my soul with inner joy! We all have certain things that we appreciate in life for me one of them is art!

                                                                  I am in love with art :)

                                One of the reasons I do not smile much on the photos ;)

Per Rosenberg had different paintings of cows with funny/interesting expression. Something very special with art one might think to paint is so simple but wait until you have painting board and inspiration is not part of you! This is one of the reasons I do not paint so much! While I was in Africa there was so much inspiration for me to paint but here all I have is beautiful nature around me. I have no plan to learn to paint nature but I will hopefully create some of African inspiration sort of art. It is very inspiring to see beautiful and warm colours like these ones they wake up inner creativity and inspire one to paint! This is the same Gallery I had my art and jewelery exhibition last year! This year I will be showcasing at Wedding Fashion/Workshop at Clarion Hotel (February 15th), and in spring I have another exhibition at certain gallery when it nears spring I will share the link! It will be sommer collection of Accessories/Jewellery! If you wish to feature my work into your gallery, magazine, journal or blog just contact me at (

Audience enjoying the art exhibition after speech by Jo Inge Nes! 

Voilà- there we go with beautiful Jazz Band from Oslo Hayden Powell Trio!

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