Monday, January 5, 2015


Listen to Work It Out 
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"I am thankful to my friends/fans who were part of this single cover"


Here is the song Work It Out written by Natasha Shyrose and produced by WaterflyMusic Production/Studio at Sunndalsøra. I was also part of this production but WaterflyMusic created great magic to give it fat sound and make a danceable composition! Mastering was done by Sonovo Mastering As at Stavanger. I love mastering my songs there because they are excellent at their work and great service at communication. I hope you will enjoy this song as much I had fun recording it in studio! My next single will be in Swahili for my swahili lovers fans! Why not African artist doing something in English this is like a tabu in East Africa. People would prefer songs from out than local artists doing it english language. This is one of the reasons i would never only create songs in English because I want to make my fans smile! They have been there throughout for me ever since I was 16! Imagine my first single I was just 16 years old. Thanks to Clouds Fm for making my dreams coming true by featuring me into their first Swahili Pop Project! My first magazine interview as Femina Magazine and ended up working with them twice. The third time they wanted to work with me I thought it was too much for me so I made my younger sister a model instead! It was a lot happening at the same time for me not only from that magazine but also local magazines then I just thought to pull back a little bit! Yes, I look so forward to the new singles they will be nothing but energetic, fun, warm, amazing production, danceable and enjoyable! You should expect my songs to always come in Swahili and English language always and forever. I am still an independent artists all I wish for is Booking Management. Its funny whenever I make a call and book myself. Its like I call for Natasha Shyrose and give her really great promo and then when some wants to speak with her. I am her. Talk of multiple personalities. So just incase  you have heard me boosting up Natasha Shyrose I speak of her as her manager not myself! There is nothing wrong with positive self talk it actually shape our reality and motivates us in life! Never speak negative or under evaluate yourself into whatever you do in life. Even if no one likes what you do someone somewhere likes what you do and wishes could do the same but because of different circumstances they are not able to. Be happy with what you are able to do! Until then enjoy #WorkItOut!

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