Thursday, January 22, 2015


Natasha Shyrose Working Out The Selfie!
I guess to hashtag this correctly should be #Fran #Cupcakes #Cakes #4Cheesepizza #kebab? 

I hope that you have been doing well. I am little bit sick but whenever I feel well I do things like dancing! Yes whenever I get ill and able to get back on my feet I do dance. Why not praying because I pray all the time. I am thankful for all events in my life bad or good they are lesson and motivation. 1st January I have released my single Work It Out little bit unusual from other songs I know but this is what you should expect of me. I will be doing different styles. Music is like Great Sex you can not just hold to one position if you want to enjoy the flavor. Did I just write that? Well I hope you are not under age reading this now. If you are probably you should be doing your homework or read night stories! That is another problem millennium kids are curious and grows faster before their age! Curiosity is great for learning! If you have not been able to tune to "Work It Out" then you can drop by my Soundcloud Tune to Work It Out. The song is available for purchase at iTunes, Amazon, E-music, Spotify.

Greatest Review I discovered written by Radio Revolt was as follows :

                    Natasha Shyrose - Work It Out

Funky ny låt ute fra den lokale artisten Natasha Shyrose. Radiovennlig og fengende låt. 

Now I challenge you to go to google translator check Norwegian/English. Learn little bit of Norwegian too ;) 

For swahili music fans do not worry swahili songs are must into my creation. I present East Africa (Tanzania) so no matter what you sing or how good if you speak swahili making a swahili song is a must. I love Swahili language is very exotic language its sounds really beautiful and romantic I believe so! Same as listening to Portuguese into Dancehall or Reggaetone if fits perfectly fine! I will not be rushing creating lots of songs this year because I need to use great time to promote them. I look forward to the concerts, gigs, collaboration this year and interviews. If you are a Dj, Promotor, Radio Promoter, Booking Agent, whoever you might be but if you are into music and up to make events happening contact me. This blog is super international by the way read by all continents super amazing despite that the traffic is not that high! I must say am impressed! If you are an artist and wishes to be featured on this blog just contact me! Meanwhile I keep on writing about myself, friends, fans, artists I love, know, things that inspirers me or motivates! Or little matters that are important into our lives! 
Until then stay tuned for more fireworks tracks & super energetic also some deep soothing songs....

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