Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Touch Me Touch Me - AY Feat. Sean Kingston & Ms Triniti [ Official Video ]

Checkout new song by Ay Tanzania Artist exploring Dancehall. Something I like about Ay he is never afraid to explore new genre1 This is very positive because at times in Tanzania or East Africa we end up doing same type of styles! Trying different music genre at times makes an artist develop vocally and also available to be featured into different styles! If you love this kind of style I got double tracks you can download from Natasha Shyrose, yes me ;) Love Storm and Addiction

Download Addiction I was featured with Cashflow Sound- Reply to Konshens song Monster (Jamaica):


and Lovestorm in Swahili by Production :Brooklyn Inc!


Swahili language is sounds really exotic into music! East African Artists we are good no lie! By the way remember 01-01-2015 new single from me ; WORK IT!!!

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