Friday, December 19, 2014

Hey! Let's Make Magic! - Good Twin Bad Twin feat. Conor Patrick

Trondheim got talent "Good Twin Bad Twin feat Conor Patrick" with song Hey! Let`s make magic! I like the sound from this song because it is fresh also the appearances of the people into the video. People into this video are beautiful and look natural! Anyone can relate themselves into this music video so presentable! I have Starwar`s fan (my son) over here who wants to watch this video over and over again. If not this then another video right after this on youtube player option " A Wonderful World by Conor Patrick and The Shooting Tsar Orchestra" because it has a teddy bear as main character!

Photo by Line Skj√¶rvik 

For those who have seen this band before you remember "The Airborne Highfives" transformed to Good Twin Bad Twin. Their sound is something to look very forward to because they work together with very creative producer- Conor Patrick. Not only that but they sing well too! If you are in Trondheim tomorrow you will be able to view this band live at Byscenen. I wish I was there hopefully to catch up with these two bands in near future and experience their concert LIVE! Fresh nordic look and it is typical Trondheim Men by the way to have moustache. I think men looks sexy with moustache on! Let me stop writing here for now and enjoy yourselves with the brand new music video without extra unnecessarily touch! Simple and Beautiful is there more to ask?

                                 Previous song from this band before it turned to Good Twin Bad Twin
                                                               Monster- The Airborne Highfives

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