Friday, October 3, 2014


After a crazy hardworking week here comes little bit relaxation from me. I have been walking the entire week for almost 10 hours just long walks that not long enough but at least I try. that is minus normal movements here and there I do not count them but I am counting the hours that I was conciously walking to get to the next destination with that distance. I was little bit too busy to do other workout routine this week. I have to write, read, design both accessories and next collection! It is crazy tight schedule on me not mentioning painting some interesting images for exhibition! Also my accessory collection will be for exhibition at the gallery in November! After a week with no proper hardwork out I thought dancing will be the best workout. I danced Samba, Soca and this collection of dancehall at home. I think dancing is one of the funniest workout because it brings joy too! I enjoyed myself big time well I of course had a partner on the other side of the mirror! It was myself giving me a company ;) 
I hope you will enjoy this!
Konshens is here! 
I feel blessed to be among the first international artists to do featuring with this talented artist!

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