Sunday, October 19, 2014


Photo by  Åsta Mari Aune
                                  Tune to Music:

Do you need to hear something totally different and fresh? Not for my USA readers because I know this is type of music is played in USA! For those who wonders what type of genre this is well its varies from Country, folk, bluegrass! 

Not anybody else of course than Norwegian artists the Bluebird`s ghosts! They play all the instrumentals by themselves both live and at recording sections! I like the music because it is very soothing for the mind and the lyrics are also very beautiful. This band probably is one of the most intellectual band not only musically but the members are dealing with total different stuff than music like engineering and science. From Marine Technique to such smooth music is unbelievable.  One could have expected hearing something Eletronic or Drum and Bass! Never judge a book by its cover they say! This band has been touring at different cities in Norway and next summer they will be playing in USA! For more information follow up for updates! Meanwhile enjoy beautiful music from this band! Probably its something you just need to tune before you start your week! I actually like all their songs most especially Silly Morning!

                                         I wish you all a wonderful and constructive week!

                                             Great songs are created with love and passion!

                                             One of the coolest instrument the band play!


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