Friday, September 12, 2014

Tina Turner - We Don't Need Another Hero (SEPTEMBER-11)

Everybody matters and each soul was created for its purpose to fulfill! Unfortunately not all get an opportunity to take their first breath without perishing few months or that moment they were born into certain countries. September 11, is a day to remember for America and entire world. May the families, friends and anyone who was touched and still goes through day find inner peace! Just because people in Syria, Palestine, Israel, Congo, Ukraine or any other war zone areas die everyday that we should not sympathize with those who were lost on September 11 or 22 July in Norway. Some countries have marking days like in USA, Boston and September 11 yet if other countries should have put their mourning days on calenders they would end up sad the entire year! There will be endless names for such days. Peace is the most beautiful and easy way to live a life. Since power is very important and acquiring material things that will all going to leave behind the wars will never stop! I wish we could use this moment to enjoy earth and living. Suppose there is no heaven or hell? Suppose this is the only time we can feel and sense before we turn into something else sort of energy unable to create than just existing. Why can`t we find peace and life happy or find things within ourselves. There are a lot of things we could learn about our planet, ourselves and other creatures than focusing on hate and consuming things that will never matter one day. I pray the wars to stop (but will they ever )so that we can prepare together to deal with natural disasters! I wish you a wonderful day. Take great care of yourselves!

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