Wednesday, September 24, 2014


Behind me you can see one of the dress I designed for more of my  

Hi you!

I hope that you are doing well. I thank God for greatest busy days despite the illness I keep on kicking to do what am supposed to. As I said earlier we were all created for the purpose we have to look within ourselves and fulfill it. Even when you find yourself doing a wrong job to survive if you can fulfill your purpose of living aside do it even for free. I feel like a day can never pass by without me inspire or motivate someone. It gives me joy to see people succeeding and that I can inspire them on one way or another. It just gives me inner joy! I do free consultations every single day too! Someone told me well even my partner that I should soon start to take payment for this because I am qualified to do this and not only that but he has seen people doing great things after. It makes me happy to see that I can affect someone`s life in a positive way. I also have to focus on my own goals and that can get pretty busy. In most cases I come last no matter how first I put myself. I just have to deal with other people first because I know I can deal with myself anytime and I have me. I do give myself great space every single day. I love space it gives my mind room to expand and recharge energy! It also helps me to tap into creative world and get inspired too! I have only one month before I can present accessory collection for exhibition at the Norwegian Art Gallery at Sunndal and this project truly excites me. Living in small city makes things even beyond imagination everything I need is not here. I have to purchase online and travel to Trondheim to make this project happen. At the same time I have a single waiting to be released. All in all I look so forward to get a BOOKING MANAGEMENT that can book gigs for me! If you know any in Scandinavia as Norway, Denmark or Sweden let me know. Uk or US I do not mind at all! As long as you are serious to work and no strings attached! 

Achievement should be earned not given!
It boost up one`s self esteem when you know you deserve it!
I just prefer things that way!

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