Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Lil Kim - Flawless Ft. Beyonce (Remix)

I think Lil Kim confused this with Mixtape. It was supposed to be remix Beyonce ft Nicki Minaj. I wonder when was the last time she even made a single. Well it is not polite to take other artist`s song and sing upon it without their permission. If she wants to do something musically she has to use the money recording new hits or singles for her fans rather than cosmetic surgery! Yeah, that is a lot of money used to create the entire body. I wonder why most artists choose to go under knife for quick fixes. If you have not been going through that mess of blowing lips with injection, couple of silicon titties and other two in the butt for expansion, nose fix, bleaching girl you are beautiful not cute or pretty. Cute is too much make up and silicons. Nothing compared to the real person. I guess its okay to have fake nails, lashes, make-up or hair but changing the look by filling in plastics and the entire body construction is very harmful and in most cases not necessary at all! I hope Lil Kim won`t be sued for jumping on another artist`s song and make her own version a mean one! Anyone can be a King or Queen its how we perceive ourselves not what others think of us! Treat yourself good and say great things about you if you want to achieve big things in life! Be good to yourself first!

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