Saturday, August 9, 2014

FIREWORKS SINGLE #2014 stay tuned...

I normally make 3 songs before I select a single! The single is already selected it will for sure sound like Explosion- More Fireworks On This Song- Super Energetic. Release date not yet planned but let us first find someone who can BLOW trumpet well!!!
Until then here is my previous work- Hot Candy

(Washikaji zangu single ya kiswahili nayo itakuja ila huenda ikawa nambari mbili,tatu au nne maana inabidi nipige promo hapa nilipo kiswahili hakipandi)

If you want more I will give you more! My second album has to be one of the best album from all the songs I have ever composed, style I have ever sang because I have finally found what I truly love to work with. First album was more like finding myself and what maybe fans like to hear! Through concerts from the first album I have seen what people love to hear and what I enjoy to sing to! I look so forward working with the second album! Hopefully to do featuring with artists from Norway, East Africa too but also Nigeria!!! I truly wish to get Nigerian connection I love the style I guess I would end up dancing instead of recording at the studio ;) 
I will be working with musicians and producer from Norway& Chile

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