Thursday, July 3, 2014



After long speculation and debate on the media finally someone comes up with the solution. I can`t believe that people can be this stupid to think they have rights to decide what others should wear. As I said earlier what is natural is to walk naked. Since we decided to wear clothes is normal then people have rights to wear whatever they desire. As a fashion designer I do not see any style there rather than night gowns seriously those dresses are nothing special. I love purchasing clothing from different cultures because I believe difference is beautiful! I will share what I see muslims women wear when I am in Dubai or Qatar! Not only that but also in Africa  and other places. Some women decide to cover up and save you from imagination. Not all women wants to be man`s fantasies or made feel insecure because they have wrong body shape. Not good enough for summer or beach this is one of the best way to have control of oneself I guess!!!

 There are dresses for people to wear those of DKNY looks like a night dress. If you have visited your in-laws or have family members you will for sure move with the clothes like DKNY collection! No taste and design. I know simplicity is best but details lacks big time to make it special or exclusive!
All I see is pride and joy into this lady. I think it comes time we have to realise that we have to respect other people`s cultures no matter where they stay. Its not like if you visit a place you have to take all their cultures that means one is asked to under evaluate their IDENTITY to create a new one. Will this make people be accepted? If one thinks you do not fit in because you have other background than theirs it does not matter what you do. Whatever you do things will still be the same because it is not the dressing or coping up with new culture. Be yourself those who will want to be part of your life will accept you as you are. Those who wants you to keep on changing to satisfy them they have no intention of doing anything special to you because they are just HATERs no matter how much you regulate yourselves. I think people should focus on maintaining what is the most important for their tradition while try to mingle with new culture only at what they find appropriate and comfortable.I think giving up to please others is the weakest thing anyone can do because people will never respect you. I am not talking just about the clothing but anything else. If you have to give up in what is the most important to you even if its not harmful that means you are a weak soul! Stay strong do what you love that is the greatest advice I can give you today!  

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