Friday, June 20, 2014


 Natasha Shyrose Fresh As Ice!

I would love to wish you a wonderful weekend wherever you might be. As usual I keep up doing what am supposed to do and daily I take steps to help me achieve my goals. It is very important we do things that can bring us closer to what we wish for. I believe not in luck because I am not lucky. I get what I work for and I feel blessed to be able seeing things I have dreamed about into reality. Not only for me but also things that I have also inspired others. I am an inspiration. I love seeing people achieving their goals so I always share great ideas what they can do better or even how to start. It is my natural gift to empower others and if I influence you I believe you will be able to see the potential that existed inside yourself that you had always ignored. I am thankful for this wonderful potential which I share it positively. I am working with my second album right now. I wonder if you had chance to check out some of these songs on my soundcloud. The first 8 songs belongs to my album Born To Shine! Take your time and visit the link to enjoy my music. I am also working with the second album. My greatest wish is performing doing plenty of concerts! This autumn I will be playing in a town called Molde-Norway. I love Molde there is something special about the place and people! I could have lived there but I prefer where I am because of its wonderful nature!Well little hint I will continue making my album into half Swahili and English as full english songs so as Swahili songs! I want to create balance since I am living into two continents Africa and Europe! I have to touch souls both continents! But music is universal language all I hope is I can get you dance. If you wonder why I never make the music video well I am not great fun of it. If I were to make one unless when I perform live and someone took it or it has to be extremely creative beyond my budget. If one creates something I believe it has to be super cool not just casual. I hope one day I will be able to express my idea into the video to give you that kind of vibe I am searching for!
I wish you a great weekend!

Believe into yourself that you can achieve whatever you have into your mind. If you can imagine it-You can achieve it! Whatever you think of is a possibility only a way of doing it is a challenge and that is your task to figure it out!

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