Friday, June 20, 2014

Janet Jackson - Discipline

I love this song Discipline find it on Spotify for Studio version is dope!!!

"Poor guy totally confused and over excited"

One of my favourite artists since I discovered music is Janet Jackson. I just love her voice and her songs. I have all albums from Janet Jackson because of her beautiful voice, lyrics, melodies, rhythm and ................ "Well, Janet Jackson will always be one of the artists that I cherish. I truly wish to meet her live one day in my life. I had always wished to have met Michael Jackson I guess now its time to find her through deserts! Where is she located? I truly love this artist and wish to meet her. I have special ways of loving artists I may collect their music but I live my own life. You know those kind of people who gets so inspired that they live the artist`s life by doing everything the artist does from haircut, dressing, way of talking. Come on you are not a parrot or chameleon just be yourself. Support and Love. Love you more and be You. Is the best anyone can be without practicing!

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