Thursday, June 5, 2014


Do you remember this song?
I do those were days when I was little bit younger than today. I loved this song very much never will I ever forget trying to hit those high cords "aaaaaa" like a bird singing. I just gave up on it because I just realised it must be something unique about her. I loved this song so much those days and I still do!
Janet Jackson too! I loved this song very much!!!
Back in my days we had no word sexy. There was something great about this song first the song itself. Then the lady dancing into it her hair blowing and those long legs the video was just magical. I still love this song big time. I just found out like 15 years later that the lady in the music video was sexy;) That unexplainable magic finally got answers!
This song I can sleep listening to over and over again. From the first time I heard it got to say my ears innocence were taken. I ended up loving this song. Let us call it Eargasm or Earporn!

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