Saturday, May 31, 2014


Studio time I wonder what the little duck has to do there. Call Inspiration comes in many different ways. It is saturday and i have already been in studio listening to the future sound. We are creating single for Natasha Shyrose that I will release it in Summer. I think since it is summer with heat we should have something to make us dance. I love dancing and I have been so inspired through different dancing classes I have been this spring. Then for sure all I wish to do is releasing first single with lots of energy and deep African Drums! I love Deep Sound anything deep is great to feel. Then I want you to feel this sound! I hope I will be able to bring out the entire idea physical. I am this kind of artist and composer who hears the entire song into my head and each instrument. The sound is more like already composed from the nature. At times its very had to get all these sounds recorded because I have no idea what instrumental they are. What I use to do in most cases is play the sound with my vocals to try out different instument and see if they can give us similar sound. All In All I wish to see you dancing. Something weird and wild yet very cool! 

                       We Come In Peace And Make You Feel Fire Within With Great Sound!
Feeling the Vibe!

This Got To Be it For The Single!

Spread Love,
Natasha Shyrose
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