Sunday, May 25, 2014


Music is absolutely recommended just for anything. It soothes the soul and make one relax. It is energetic, free the mind from the chaotic manipulated system invented by man which is so unnatural for the human. Well music is the great way to escape just anything who needs drugs when there is music? This is why there is purpose for each genre because it stimulates different feelings. How many of you listen to the different types of the music according to the moods one is in. If you are working out you probably need something powerful to tune to. Same as if you are going to the sports or anything challenging you need something that can put you into right vibration! I use music for everything and that is from relaxing, sleeping, waking up as before I start my day, reading painting, dancing, designing clothing, think beyond and not all that have to have lyrics but right music according to what I want to feel or experience. We also interpret the music according to our perception based on how we perceive the sound/melody! Music Is Therapy- Music Is Power- Music Is Everything!



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