Tuesday, May 20, 2014


It is summer time and a lot of great events happening. My label Odd Is Bold is busy now creating and designing dresses for special occassions. It must be wonderful having summer wedding and events because of the weather. I decided to be making more of such dresses as elegant and fabulous. I believe every woman despite what deserves to have at least two dresses of this kind. This might not be your style but what I mean having a dress that will bring your inner beauty out is a must. It is very important to wear beautiful dress like this at special occasion. Dress codes is a must and has to follow with the event.It is also very important to think about your age and what you wear. Forever young is great but hello I mean everything at certain time has to be upgraded. It does not mean that you can not wear your mini dresses just that they must have certain cut/form that differentiate one from teenage and a nursery girl at the playground. When the clothing have wrong cut no matter how short it is, tigh or how skin revealing it may be one ends up being less sexy! Agree or Disagree but that is a little tip I share with you today. It is the cut and form of your dress that brings sexiness into you no matter how long or short it may be. 
I love my job as a stylist and Fashion Designer to make Women More Beautiful!

I only design high quality dresses! Quality matters or what is the point to design clothes at all?

Front side!

Little bit closer! 
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After Fashion Week London I still wonder where to do exhibition this year! Probably Norway in Autumn? Let us see where Fashion God Leads us to :)

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