Friday, October 4, 2013




I know it has been a while! Days goes extremely faster over here most especially at the researching field! I was to be finished but the participants do not show up in great number as in the beginning because of the rain! I am waiting for the Sunshine before we can wrap up the whole thing!

I decided to use the rainy days to spread my music around! This week I have been having interview with entertainment magazine and next week as well! I have directly given Dj my music and even sang by a surprise yesterday at Mbalamwezi Beach! One of the person requested me to sing! Poor me who has been having bad cough managed anyway to sing Rihanna`s song! Not my own songs requires a lot of energy and vocals to back up! I love Tanzania this place is so beautiful but trust me my dream place to live if I were to stay here must be Zanzibar and Tanga because it has beautiful nature!!! I wish to be here blogging but as you know me when I sit I will be posting photos! I have not been at a lot of places yet than on the fieldwork! Days goes extremely fast I wish to return here next year. I am in the middle of a lot of things I will squeeze time to make all happening! At the same time I am writing my Master Thesis! Nothing is impossible this is all I can say! If you believe you will Achieve!
You were born to Shine as one of my singles says!!!! We are all stars just that we have different ways to shine :)

Lets keep in touch and thank you to all who reads my blog! Some of you makes my dreams come true by contacting me and give me connection! Who knew a blog can connects to fans and make things to truly happen! If you have something interesting you wish to share let me know I will share you as well :)
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