Wednesday, September 11, 2013


One of the most beautiful thing with Tanzania is waking up with sunshine every single day. The degrees here are not that warm as I thought. It is just 25 degrees everyday almost and guess what at times temperature drops even to 12-19 that sounds like winter over here most especially when the heat has been around 35-38 warm.  I love the taste of the fruits they are not bitter or sour as I am used to in Norway. Its no wonder I make smoothie to be able to eat the fruits. Here I just eat the way they are. Some of my family members are here too so its double fun both with research and in leasure time! I have been little bit lazy to workout but I started for two days ago. Omg did I just write two days ago how did I manage to skip the training  yesterday? I have to continue workout no matter what. There are some few places I would love to visit here which I think you should never miss to visit whenever you are here too! My favourite corner so far that has always been is Slipway and Sea Cliff are closest to the ocean and you will love these places. They have great meals and just wonderful to relax! I will share with you photos when I remember to take. At times one has wonderful time and the photos truly do take all the fun away. In a way that the moments do not flow without an interuption of the camera flash! I will try just for you then :) I will also be visiting Zanzibar before even the fashion event. 

If you are in Dar make sure that you come to the HipHop Workshop I will be there for the workshop and performance. The entrance for you is free of charge so you have no excuse for not coming! See you there and enjoy my songs on soundcloud remember that they are also available on iTunes. I am already writing nothing but HITS for the next album this one is gonna be hotter than ever. The first album was like self-exploring but now I know what I love to do and how so please hang with me and remember I got a lot musical that is so promising. Not only as an African Artist but I wish to reach that level to represent international too! Who say local and raw can not be recognized abroad ;) I am trying though to do what I can do at my own level. I only compete with myself.

Be Better Version Of Yourself because that is What You Can Do  Best!

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