Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Hello from Tanzania!!!

Natasha Shyrose: Music

Have you ever been so tired for flying in many hours? I bet we all have had such an experience if you have travelled long but for my case I did not sleep enough hours! I was awake for over 25 hours. I truly needed to get enough sleep to get quick recover. I have truly missed to be here on this blog and drop something for you! You are the reason I am writing this blog but also for my music fans and those who are weird in special and beautiful way like myself :)

The network in Tanzania was a little bit challenging to fix. I do have on my mobile but I hate writing on the mobile because I got beautiful thick fingers and they need big keyboard. These fingers are creative though... Never mind this place is so beautiful Tanzania is very beautiful but also so expensive at the moment. I guess it depends where one wants to visit. What I still love you pay and the service is wonderful and people are very charming. This means at least whatever you pay for is worthful. I am here to cover up my psychologica research. I got to get this thesis to go on but hey I am also doing some other stuff and interesting stuff. A little bit of music promotion do not hurt so is fashion. I am preparing for Fashion Week Zanzibar. I was to almost particate in Fashion Week London unfortunately I was at the right place but wrong location for the fashion event. Hopefully next year I get same opportunity or Odd Is Bold fashion line will have to do Runway somewhere else! I look forward to show my collections at all fashion events mostly the great ones! It is a great opportunity to meet people who are interesting into the same thing! I have to say again I did miss you....
I wish you a wonderful day! I am actually sitting at the internet shop whereby the old computers that no longer exist in Europe or Us are still here. They are quite usable. They reminded me of the typewriter, the keyboard is kind of hard. I had once used the typewriter and this is wonderful for the fingertraining! They are all active what a wonderful way to exercise the fingers. Allow me to fix the internet on my computer then I will share with you wonderful views of Tanzania. This place is a must visit never mind its not that cheap it just depends on your lifestyle here is a place you can survive under 5 dollars if you wish. I do not want to say what I love to spend per day for me the most important is to get what I exactly want. Things I need that makes me happy or satitfied not others or show off..You know what I mean! Take care of yourself!!!

Special greetings from Dar-Es-Salaam- Tanzania!

NB:For those who needs to contact me while in Tanzania for music purpose, fashion or whatever wonderful write me through:

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