Friday, August 16, 2013



Here is miss Akanzer rocking our very own fashion dress. I just love this dress is so simple as I sketched but the colours and the making makes me speechless. Most especially to see the model into the dress loving the style and look this beautiful is a dream come true for any designer. It was amazing too working with Ms.Mabel Tettey who was a photographer she was so dedicated into her work as a model and Natasha Shyrose as Fashion Designer/Stylist for Odd Is Bold. We were thankful to use this wonderful garden at Lerkendal. It was my old neighbour`s garden! It made it easier to run back into the house for changing and appying make up! Special thanks to Karl and Karin for that :) Or else the rest of the photos I will be sharing with you so soon again so you can enjoy the collection. Isn`t African Print textile beautiful? Odd Is Bold will be presenting Fashion Week Zanzibar! We are so excited for this :)

Do not forget to tune to Ms.Akanzer`s music!

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