Saturday, June 8, 2013


Beautiful mountains at Sunndalsøra!

These mountains reminds me a lot of the Toblerone chocolate cover from Switzerland. I have never been at Switzerland but I would really love to. I guess the nature is not so different from Norway but the place must have new experience. I hope next year in summer to visit Switzerland! I look very forward moving to this place because it is very beautiful and the people too are too nice. I am used to the life in Town if you do not know the person you just by pass them. At Sunndalsøra people show each other recognition and greet one another with warm smile. Real smile not those kind of smile that can piss you off because people simply flash their teeth! I think a person should just say hi than flashing a false smile. If you do it please stop it because it is very easy to tell that it is actually fake! 

This summer I will be visiting Tanzania I hope to capture wonderful nature photos. There is a places like Arusha where mountain Kilimanjaro is and Usambara mountains are so beautiful. I remember I visited a place called Moshi it is also one of the beautiful places. Again back to Norway nothing and no where else is so beautiful and green like this country. This nature is my daily therapy. In a way that it brings me close to the reality of life is organic and full of harmony! When I am at these places nothing else seem to matter that reveal beautiful positive energy. It also inspires me a lot to be more creative in whatever I put my mind into. It could be because of the quietness, fresh air and beautiful nature :)

Spread Love,
Natasha Shyrose

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