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I copied this topic on my fashion blog (written by me):
Fashion Week Zanzibar is already one of the hugest Fashion Event which will be launched for the first time this year 2013 in October. The event might be new but the people behind it are very experienced into fashion industry. We are talking about everything from photography, designing, graphic designing,filming and organising. This is one of the most effective team ever to build and organise the whole event within short period of time and you can see one of the most high skilled structure of the program already!

Fashion Week Zanzibar was invented by three men Javedi Jaffreji, Farouk Abdalla and Adnan Abbas. This is a team of hard working people who also recruited others to be part of their team. Zanzibar Fashion week has so far given opportunities to the young talents from modelling, designers, fashion photo-models, printing, hosting and a lot more. Events do not happen only for their own sake but also create opportunity to the local people as well. One of their dream is to be able to maintain this event and make it more recognised international . Fashion Week Zanzibar is wishing for the tourists in Zanzibar to make it as hallmark of their visiting to Zanzibar Island. This Island has a lot to offer from the start from spice tour, beautiful white sand beaches, history , film festival, music award (Busara) and fishing. Fashion Week Zanzibar wishes this time that this event to be included early that the tourists as local people can be able to participate as designers or fashion guests! Since there will be designer from different countries Fashion Week Zanzibar has organised special price for the hotel accommodation. This means if you are travelling to Zanzibar during this time you will be able to spend nights in one of the most beautiful expensive hotels at affordable prices because of this special Tour Packaging tailored to this event! 

The are designers from different parts of Africa to participate in this year event on October, 2013 and Odd Is Bold is among them! Our designer Natasha Shyrose will be participating on this event.  This will be her third collections but not the last for the special fashion event! We are looking very forward to be part of this event and meet other creative designers but also the people supporting the Fashion Week Zanzibar. History of Fashion Design was not as simple as it was in other parts of the world. Luckily today Fashion Designing has started to give a special attention  to the people in Africa. This also opened opportunity to the modelling which was not seen as a career! Ever since the first top models from Africa like Iman, Miriam Odemba and Flavian Matata started to do showcases on biggest runways abroad it has truly inspired a lot of young models! Fashion Week Zanzibar wishes to assist the models to be able presenting themselves professional. They actually started fashion school/course as one of the first people in East Africa to wish to improve the standard and modelling skills into young models. This event needs publicity and exposure both in Africa and other parts of the world! Africa has a lot to offer when it comes to fashion but a way is still long. Your support will be wonderful not only to make the designer or event planner famous but also creating careers into young people with Passion of Fashion! This will as well assist others to have different types of jobs through this event like hosting, security, commercial, artists etc. Zanzibar Fashion Week has already managed to create something huge out of this even before the actual event! At the moment there is a launch party in Zanzibar collaboarating with Ziff (Film Festival) 

P.S Spread the world around you about Fashion Week Zanzibar or contact them directly for any inquiries from modelling opportunity, designing, visiting Zanzibar, publicity  or sponsorship!


Peplum Top

I love this dress

Mia working out my designs

Odd Is Bold Summer Collection "Colour Blind" African Prints!

Mia is one of the main Odd Is Bold model. She is so lovely, beautiful, sexy and very hardworking. Easy to communicate with and work with <3
For more info about the collection contact: 

Guess who is Rocking my Odd Is Bold Summer Collection! She looks so elegant yet hot at the same time!

By the way my collection will be sold in one of the most well known designer street in Trondheim Bakklandet. Its my favourite street too they make unique things and I feel happy to have my stuff there. But others will be going to UK shops and Spain! 

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