Thursday, June 6, 2013


TUNE TO NATASHA SHYROSE 2013 ALBUM BORN TO SHINE The first 4 songs will be in the album

I bet this was one of the first Cd ever made in East Africa with Swahili Pop Music back in 2000. Before that I remember so well to be at the recording studio Don Bosco in Upanga- Dar-es-Salaam I was just 14 then two years later I had a recording deal with Clouds Fm. To create a single song into their project! Sijui Niseme by Natasha Shyrose was one of the most popular song! That time the most recognized female artists into that album were Natasha Shyrose and Lady Jay Dee. What happened after the first project or further to the song is the history.

I found my own way and to take full charge of my destiny. I was actually convinced by my fans to find my own way because that was the only way I will be somewhere. Fans influence artists too and make miracle into what we already believed in. The most amazing feeling is  seeing a worker at the market without shirt on full of sweat whistling my song Sijui Niseme. That was the most beautiful thing! Why I say this because I wish my music to read real people who feel me. I do wish of course that the radio station to play me but again I do appreciate big time when people themselves search after my music!

Time flies like a wind and I used that time to create my songs. I was never satisfied from studio to studio. I have been in more than 4 studios which created songs that sounded like unfinished product. Finally I have found the studio that creates my music the way I want it to sound like. Let us make a quick math how much I have used so far into my music journey around 18,000 (straight from my pocket) dollars that is minus the earlier studios whereby I was sponsored! I was so damn lucky to get opportunity by Trondheim Cultural Centre to contribute 1400 dollars into my album! You got to love what you do for sure! I thought this must be one of the most expensive hobby I have ever had into my life! I love music and this is the reason why I never gave up to spend whatever it takes to get great production. It is a wonderful challenge to see how this album will be like! Being African artist in Europe can my songs by the end of the day be at the same standard? I wish to represent Africa musically abroad! This is a reason why I wrote in both English and Swahili. Boosting up the production because once my song is on Rihanna is next or Beyonce this means I have to make sure that the standard is international. Funniest thing is that Natasha Shyrose as most African artists just sing straight from the heart no vocal skill coaching or whatever. Go and the stage and sing that is my way. I do use most of my time though to learn the lyrics into my songs. I am the one who wrote them and stand behind the production together with Waterflymusic but still I need to get used to the songs! I look very forward travelling to Tanzania this summer and hopefully to make few concert and meet my co-artists whom I am also a huge fan of Lady Jay Dee! She is such an inspiration she has been into music for years ever since 2000 and still rocking hard! There is difference between commercial artists and those who do music for the love of it! Whether we get the money back or not which we invested we never stop do what we love to do! I believe I am one of them so is my friend artist Lady Jay Dee and really determined artists do the same!

What to expect from my album. I personally believe this is one of the best ever created album in East Africa. But judge it for yourself. My future dream into music is do collaboration with other artists and write songs for especially with female East Africa artists we need to come to international levels! Kenya already did it! Tanzania and Uganda needs this. Why not collaborating with Burundian and Rwandanian artists too ;) Whoever wishes to work with me and mean that is what they want let us see what we can do. But not like hey send me your beats or your vocals as I have been receiving a lot of request. Do you think I went to pay for my music to give you a free beat? I sacrificed all precious things to get this done. We can collaborate in other way but not like you want my beat to make it yours and put your voice what about my time, production and producer who put his creativity into it? Have a little heart not all people love have to give up themselves for your selfish desires! Let us talk a deal on how we can make it work out that all benefits! I have already written songs to artists who even performed the songs I wrote many times in Trondheim without them writing my name as songwriter or others using my vocals and get great recording deals by leaving me out. I have woken up and am no longer this kind to let people use me musically for their own good. No contract no deal with me musically! I trust nobody I got tired of being used for others benefits promising lies after the other. These people got that as talents! They will never even give you their musical connection but they want to get everything as long as they are on stage thats matter. But hey guess what "SEE YOU ON THE STAGE".

Spread Love,
Natasha Shyrose 

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