Saturday, March 9, 2013


This is one of the best Rapper I listen to over and over to! I love Tech N9ne! What I love about his music is full of energy. Whenever I workout and need motivation to hold on I listen to him or Heavy Metal. I do train Zumba and Pilates but I love Boot Camp something that can make me to push to another level. I think the fastest way to stay in shape is getting the exercise that can make you sweat within 10 minutes! As Jimmy Blanks says for ladies if you have worked out and still look pretty you have to go back and workout again! That was funny message. This reminded me of Zumba even though it showed me nice changes on my body it never made me Sweat! But with Tae Bo you end up sweating like a man! I love challenging workout!

My father in-law commented what is happen these days that people are so focused with training. He thinks sports its great but its too much with low carbohydrates diets. I love food but working out is something I love too. I want to try to stand on skiing. I tried before but only on flat surface this time I want to challenge myself on a little bit hilly place! I will take helmet!

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