Saturday, January 12, 2013


Natasha Shyrose (Jaguar)
Get Ready For My Album! I worked extremely hard with great producers and musicians to entertain you! I got enough swahili songs and english. This is one of the best you will ever get this year so far from East African Artist. While people in western world learn about vocal usage and playing instrumental or even learn to write songs that chance is limited in Africa. Most of us we create music according to the feelings, inspiration or idea pops in ones mind! That is how I make my music too. I have recently learned how to warm up my voice. I normally just sing when I have to! But trust me this album is a great Gift from me to you!

At the time being enjoy my double singles Amka Afrika & Born To Shine. These songs will also be included into my album. 

This year I will be touring in Africa in some countries to promote this album. But I also need people who create music videos in Kenya or Tanzania. Contact me through: 
For my music click on the following link:

Natasha Shyrose Beyond Pose.

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